The use of this website assumes automatically and irrevocably the acceptance of the conditions outlined below. 

Personal information:

IEBA TRUST S.A. uses personal information for the following categories of persons: clients or potential clients. 

According to Law nr. 677/2001 regarding consumer protection of the use of personal information, IEBA TRUST S.A. has the obligation of managing under maximum security and only for the purposes outlined above, personal information that has been given by or for natural persons outlined above.

The purpose of collecting the data is for providing financial investment purposes according to the scope of the firm and according to Regulation CNVM 32/2006.

Personal information is required for:

  • managing clients information, accounts, trade management;
  • marketing (direct) and public relations purposes;
  • brokerage activity purpose;
  • for the purpose of meeting legal obligations of the company toward stock market institutional entities;
  • for legal purposes for the company or third parties, to which the data has been made public.


The non communication of personal information can impede future potential business relationships.

Personal information will only be used by the company and will be communicated only to the following:

- To the person, to the person’s legal representatives, company employees;

- Stock market institutions: FSA, Bucharest Stock Exchange, Settlement institutions, Guarantee Funds and other entities that are empowered by law to request such information;

- Overseas partners for the purpose of effecting the investment financial services contract, if needed. 

According to Law nr.677/2001, physical persons have the right over the access of personal information, data tampering, misuse of personal information by an individual, and the right to address a solicitor.

Moreover, physical persons have the right to oppose the use of their personal information and to request the company to delete it from their database, except in the case that the use of this information by S.C. IEBA TRUST SA is mandatory and required by law.

To exercise these rights, a person can make a written request, dated and signed at the company premises, in Bucharest, 5-7 Dimitrie Pompei Bvd., Part C, 5th Floor, District 2